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BBQ Buyers Guide


Use this guide to help make your decision on which grill is right for you and know that
where you buy your grill is as important as which grill you buy.


The first step in determining what grill you want to buy is figuring out what type of grill is best for you. Take a look at the following types and determine which grill style is the best fit for you and the kind of grilling you want to be doing.












Gas barbeques are the most popular grills for a reason; they are durable, convenient, easy to maintain, and heat up quickly, giving you more time to enjoy your food.


With precise temperature controls, you’re able to cook different foods using different temperatures at the same time. Gas grills also offer a constant burn and evenly distributed flame, making grilling easy.

Clean Convenience

With easy start-ups and quick-heating, you can fire up the grill every night without hassle. And by using propane or natural gas, gas grills burn clean and are more economical than charcoal barbecues.


Unlike a typical convection gas grill, infrared grills use a indirect method of cooking that prevents flare-ups and locks in the juiciness of your food by allowing temperatures over 1000°F.


You can’t beat a classic. The way a charcoal grill infuses the flavors of the coals into your food is unlike any other. If you’re looking for authenticity in taste, with that signature smoky flavor, charcoal is the way to go.

Slow Cooking

The slower you cook your food on a charcoal grill the better your food is going to taste. So even though charcoal barbecues take their sweet, smokey time warming up, slow isn’t always a bad thing.


Charcoal grills often double as smokers, meaning you get to choose when you want to embrace extra richness and extra smokiness.

Taste Difference

Absolutely. Using a charcocal barbecue will allow the rich flavors of the coals to seep into your food, adding an extra flavorful bite to every meal.


Pellet grills are all about creativity in flavor. With plenty of options for flavored pellets, you can personalize the taste of the smoke in your grill, and go beyond traditional barbecueing, while maintaining that classic smoked taste..

How it Works

After you’ve poured them into the hopper, your favorite pellets take a journey through the barbecue as they’re ignited and pressurized, sending that delicious flavor onto your food.

Temperature Maintenance

With a grill that can reach 500°F, you want to make sure you don’t have to watch your BBQ like a hawk, and a high quality pellet grill will use electronic controls to maintain your specified temperature perfectly.

Ease of Use

With fans and controls working under the surface, you can go relax while it cooks. And, the best pellet grills in the market have remote controls and wifi apps to assure that you’re always in control, even if your not in the same room.


Infrared grills are designed and engineered to provide a new level of cooking performance. Combining performance and innovation, incorporating features that allow you to relax and enjoy delicious food with your family and friends.

No Flare Ups

Flare-ups can char food and cause dramatic temperature fluctuations. SABER’s patented Infrared system eliminates this problem by creating an oxygen-free zone that won’t allow flames to erupt.

Fuel Efficient

Heat your food and not the space in between. SABER grills deliver high performance with fewer BTUs so you use 30% less gas and need less frequent fill-ups.

Juicier Food

SABER’s Infrared system heats the food directly instead of heating the air, preserving the moisture in the food instead of drying it out, creating jucier food everytime.


If you’re limited to a smaller space, or simply want a grill that you can take with you to football games, on picnics, or on your annual family camping trip, then a portable, electric grill is the perfect choice. All you need is an outlet!

What’s the Difference?

Electric grills are easy to use and easy to transport. Without any set up, and with simple push-to-start power, you can get to grilling much faster. What electric grills lack in size and space, they make up for in ease and efficiencty.

Where can I use it?

Since it’s small, light, and portable, you can use electric barbecues wherever there’s an outlet available. This means you can also use your grill inside on rainy days.

No Power? No Problem.

If you don’t want to worry about inaccessible outlets, portable grills can also come in propane and charcoal. Still light and compact, gas and charcoal grills really can go anywhere and everywhere with you.


The next step in deciding which grill to buy is to know how much space you have and how many people you need to cook for.

Number of People

Party of one? Weekly family reunions? This question is critical when it comes to deciding on the perfect size for your grill. If you’re only cooking for one or two other people, a small, lightweight grill will suit your needs just fine without all the extra cost and assembly of a larger barbeque.

What are you Cooking?

If you’re planning on cooking whole chickens or full racks of ribs, make sure the grill you choose has enough space. Just because it fits on the grates doesn’t necessarily mean it will fit under the hood.

Know your Size Options

When asking your local dealer about grill sizes, make sure to note the difference between the size of the grill itself and the size of the grill grates.


A well-built grill will be solid, sturdy, and able to pass a “shake” test. Make sure you see the grill in person and inspect it thoroughly with the sales person. If it doesn’t pass your inspections on the showroom floor, then it’s not going to pass at home either.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is the strongest material in the business. It’s long-lasting, durable, won’t rust, is easy to clean, and is the number one quality of a great barbecue.


Another top-notch material in the grilling industry is ceramic. Primarily found in charcoal grills that double as smokers, ceramic insulation is excellent at radiating all of the heat back into your food for that perfectly smokey flavor.

Grill Grates

Having strong, high quality grill grates is a must. Typically, grill grates are made of steel or chrome-plated aluminum. But since steel has the tendency to rust, and chrome is difficult to clean, your best bet would be to go with grates made of stainless steel, cast iron, or porcelain-coated aluminum.


Alongside proper equipment like filters and pumps, water care is an essential step in water sanitation & daily maintenance of your hot tub.

Temperature Gauge

A temperature gauge for your grill will allow you to measure the internal temperature of your food to ensure that it doesn’t overcook.

Grill Cover

Grill covers will protect your grill from any weather while you aren’t using it, keeping it clean and out of harms way.

Cooking Extras

Rib racks, rotisseries, pizza pans, and skewers are all great accessories to have that can amp up your typical weeknight dinners.

Grill Brush

A grill brush will give you the best clean on your barbecue grates, and it makes cleaning easy with an attached scraper.

Smoke Box

If you want the convenience of a gas grill but the taste of a flavorful wood fire, you can get a smokebox for your grill where you can input wood chips to give your food an authentically delicious taste.

Storage Drawers

Storage drawers allow you to keep all of your grilling supplies in one place so you don’t have to scramble between the kitchen and the porch while barbecueing.


Alongside proper equipment like filters and pumps, water care is an essential step in water sanitation & daily maintenance of your hot tub.

Tips on How to Clean your Grill

Service, Maintenance,
& Warranty

Know Your Dealer

Great BBQ grill dealers can provide you with whatever help you need in order to get you started grilling.

Services that include delivery, installation, maintenance, and cleaning are difficult to find through one company, so make sure that you’ve done your research and found a dealer that is willing to go above and beyond for you.

Warranties are dependent on the manufacturer, and there can be different warranties for different grill parts, so make sure you read up on the specifics from the manufacturer.

The most important parts that you’ll want to get warrantied are the burner tubes, and continue to look for other manufacturer warranties that will ensure smooth sailing at all times.

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