Every day, bacteria and other contaminants can find their way into your spa water. Care should be taken to enhance circulation – this will help prevent these contaminants from becoming problems.

As the water circulates it:

  • passes through the filter and the suspended particles are trapped
  • thoroughly distributes chemicals there to that kill bacteria, eliminate undesirable compounds, and help prevent problems.

1. Run your spa’s circulation system every day. Check your spa owner’s manual to determine how long your spa’s circulation system should run or ask any of our trained professionals in any of our Puget Sound stores.

2. If your spa has a separate circulation pump that runs continuously, simply make sure that your system is always in good working order.
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There are 2 primary components that affect spa water quality.

1. Sanitizer
2. pH

When both are within their recommended ranges:

• Your water is comfortable, protected and clear.
• Your sanitizers and “shock products” work efficiently.
• Your spa surfaces and equipment are protected.

1. Maintain sanitizer within the recommended levels:

Bromine residual = 2 – 6 ppm
Brominating Concentrate = 3-6 ppm
Brominating Tablets = 2-4 ppm

Chlorine residual = 3 – 5 ppm

(If your spa is equipped with an ozone generator, you may choose to maintain the chlorine or bromine at the lower end of their ranges.)

2. Maintain the pH between 7.4 – 7.6. In this range bathers are comfortable, the spa surface and equipment are protected, and the sanitizers perform efficiently.

Add SpaGuard® Spa Sentry™ to hold the pH in it’s optimum range. pH is THE most important aspect of spa water quality. However, maintaining the proper pH can be a challenge in a spa. The heated, aerated water, combined with heavy bather loads can cause the pH to change quickly, unless a means for buffering these changes is present. That’s where SpaGuard Spa Sentry comes in. Spa Sentry is formulated to “watch over” the pH and protect the water from pH changes. So all you have to worry about is enjoying your spa.

3. Test sanitizer and pH level several times a week with the test strips. These strips provide quick, easy and accurate readings. The test process is easy. Follow the label instructions. Simply dip and read.

4. Bring in a water sample regularly (every 4-6 weeks) for a complete water analysis from one of our trained professionals. In addition to testing the pH and sanitizer, this analysis will measure the water’s total alkalinity, calcium hardness, iron, copper, manganese and total dissolved solids. Based on this analysis, we can recommend the spa care products you need in order to keep the spa looking and feeling great!

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Many spa care mistakes are caused by poor filtration. A filter that’s operating properly helps keep the water clear by capturing the hair, oils, and cosmetics that wash off when people use the spa. When the filter is dirty or clogged, all this debris remains in the water. Most spas have a cartridge filter. Check your owner’s manual for detailed information on how to remove the filter for cleaning. Typically you should clean the filter every 4-6 weeks.

1. Remove the cartridge.

2. Rinse with a garden hose to remove loose debris. A hose-end nozzle is best. A pressure washer has too much pressure. (NOTE: this will not eliminate the accumulated oils.)

3. Every time you clean your filter, use SpaGuard Filter Cleaner and Degreaser according to label instructions. This will dissolve and loosen the built-up oil and dirt. If you are on the BaquaSpa system, use BaquaSpa Filter Cleaner. A concentrated liquid cleaner that removes deposits from filter cartridges. Provides powerful citrus cleaning action and a pleasant lemon scent.

4. Thoroughly rinse the cartridge again. (Ideally the cartridge should be allowed to dry before being returned to service.)

5. Return the cleaned cartridge to the filter housing.

6. Replace the filter element as often as the manufacturer or your SpaGuard Dealer recommends.

7. Use SpaGuard Water Clarifier weekly. Some particles of debris are microscopic and too small for the filter to catch. Water Clarifier will help join these tiny particles together and allow the filter to remove them, keeping the water clear. If you are on the BaquaSpa system, use BaquaSpa Water Clarifier with Bioplex NMF. A liquid that restores water clarity by assisting the filter in removing tiny particles that can cause clouding. Contains aqua enhancer Bioplex NMF with moisturizers to condition and soften spa water for a relaxing spa experience.

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Draining & Filling

Regular draining and refilling is a normal part of spa care. Over time, the water absorbs and dissolves minerals, chemicals and other soluble material. We can perform a Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) test to help determine if it’s time to replace your water. High TDS can make the water look dull, become foamy and develop an odor.

How often you drain and refill your spa depends on how often you use it.
This simple formula can help.

(# of Spa Gallons / # of Daily Bathers) / 3 = Days Between Draining
* Example: (300 gallons / 2 daily bathers) / 3 = 50 days

1. Drain the water. Check your owner’s manual for information.

2. Clean the spa surfaces with SpaGuard Surface Cleaner or SpaGuard Spa Mitts. If you are on the BaquaSpa program, use BaquaSpa Surface Cleaner.

3. Refill the spa with fresh water.

4. Take a sample of the water used to refill the spa to andy of our stores for a complete analysis.

5. Add the recommended SpaGuard products in the order and amount determined by the water analysis.

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If left unchecked, contaminants such as dirt, oil, and even bacteria can accumulate at the waterline, much like a bathtub ring. Good spa care involves regular cleaning of surfaces. This will not only preserve the surfaces, but will also make the whole spa environment look and feel better.

1. Use a skimmer net to remove floating debris.

2. Brush and vacuum the spa.

3. If you have a skimmer basket, empty it once or twice a week.

4. Clean the oily ring that forms at the waterline using SpaGuard®

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Surface Cleaner or SpaGuard Spa Mitts. Unlike most common household cleaners, SpaGuard Surface Cleaner is totally compatible with your spa’s water chemistry. If you are on the BaquaSpa system use the BaquaSpa Surface Cleaner. This highly concentrated gel removes dirt, oils, stains, etc at the waterline. Effectively removes “bathtub ring” from spa shells. Safely cleans all types of spa shells.

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