Aqua Quip’s Pool Closing Tips & Winterizing Products

It can be hard for pool owners to admit that the summer season has passed, and it’s time to start thinking about closing for the winter. But when the time has come, the time has come—and that time is right now.

7 Pool Closing Tips

Getting your pool securely closed is incredibly important. You don’t want to pull off that cover next May to discover there’s been some kind of water chemistry issue or preventable damage that you now need to fix before you and your family can swim.

We’ve created this list of essential pool closing tips to get your pool ready for the winter months. We’ve also included some useful winterizing products that may prove helpful in protecting your pool.

1. Don’t Start Closing Too Early

You may want to get your pool closing out of the way so you no longer have to worry about it. However, it is actually possible to close too early.

If you close up for the winter when the weather is too warm, you may end up with some serious algae growth that will quickly use up all of your winter chemicals. Then, you’ll have your work cut out for you trying to get the water clean once you reopen. Just wait until the pool temperature is below 65°F on a consistent basis, and you shouldn’t have to worry about these issues. 

2. Get a Head Start

It’s always best to begin the process of winterizing your pool well before you close it. That means getting all of your winterizing materials ready, as well as adding some phosphate remover to prevent algae growth that can delay winterization.

You should also be keeping your filter running, and you should keep skimming, vacuuming, brushing, and maintaining good water chemistry right up until closing time.

3. Make Sure the Water Is Balanced

You want your water chemistry to be balanced before closing, or you run the risk of corrosion. Break out the test kit and ensure that your total alkalinity is between 80-122 ppm and your ph level is between 7.4 and 7.6.

Once you’ve got the water balanced, you’re going to want to shock and chlorinate the pool one last time. That ensures that no trouble-making bacteria stick around to cause issues over the winter months.

Don’t forget! Each of our neighborhood locations offers water testing for chemical balancing in less than five minutes! It’s FREE and EASY! Our expert team members can use the results of your water test to recommend the right products to keep your water balanced and clean.

4. Lower the Water Level

Your pool can become damaged when temperatures are below freezing if your water level is too high. You’re going to want to lower the level to about four to six inches beneath the skimmer if you have a vinyl-lined pool and just below the tile level if you have a plaster pool.

5. Remove All Equipment

All of those pool toys and floats will need to be stored away for the season; so will your rails, ladders, hoses, wall fittings, skimmer baskets, cleaners, and any other parts that don’t need to be in the pool over the winter.

Make some room in your storage area and pack it away safely and securely. Don’t worry! Summer will be back before you know it.

6. Clean Your Pool’s Filter

After you’ve vacuumed your pool, it’s time to backwash the filter. Backwashing for 2 minutes or until water is clean will remove dirt from sand filters. If you use a sand filter, run the rinse cycle for 30 seconds after the backwash is complete and before shutting off your pool pump.

For cartridge filters, you can use a water hose to clean the filter ensuring all dirt and debris has been removed.

7. Drain the Pump and Clear the Pipes

Make sure you’ve got all the water removed from your pump and your pipes, or they may become damaged when freezing temperatures hit. If you’ve got a heater for your pool, make sure that it’s drained, as well.

Winterizing Products

Here are some awesome winterizing products that can help you protect your pool when the cold weather hits.

Arctic Blue Winter Kits

This product is a shock and algae protector specially designed for winterization. It comes in two sizes, one for 12,000 gallons and one for 24,000 gallons.

Pool Closing Complete

Pool Closing Complete is an anti-corrosion and anti-scale product designed for all types of swimming pools. It makes reopening a much easier process.

Off The Wall

Use this product to ensure that your pool tile or vinyl is spotless for closing time. It removes grime, scale, and deposits from all pool surfaces.


Apply this to your pool cover to extend the life and prevent it from sticking together when folded.

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