How To Change Your ClearRay Light Bulb

How To Change Your ClearRay Light Bulb

1. Remove the skirt or cabinet from the control side of the spa and locate the Clear Ray unit, and the Clear Ray power supply.

2. Check the lights on the power supply. There should be 2 indicator lights (red and green) lit up on the power supply. The Green light means the Clear Ray unit is receiving power, the Red light means the bulb is lit up. If both lights are on, the unit is functioning correctly, and you do not need to replace the bulb. If

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the red light is not lit up, the bulb needs to be replaced. If both the green and red lights are not lit, call Aqua Quip for service.*


3. To replace the bulb, first disconnect power from the spa.

4. Remove the 4 small screws on the square flange of the Clear Ray assembly.

5. Pull back the plastic sheath, and remove the expired bulb from the housing.


6. Disconnect the old bulb from the wire harness. It is a 4-pin connection, and pulls straight out from the wire harness.


7. Connect the new bulb to the wire harness, and reverse steps 1 through 6 to complete the installation.

*[IMPORTANT – If you have manually turned either of the jet pumps on recently the UV unit will shut off. Wait 30 minutes, and then re-check the power supply lights to confirm.]

4 thoughts on “How To Change Your ClearRay Light Bulb

  1. Great question! Each series of Jacuzzi and Sundance hot tubs have a procedure that you follow to reset the count down clock. It is located in your owners manual but if you email us at with your series model (i.e. Sundance 880 series or Jacuzzi J-300 series) we would be happy to email you the directions that apply to your spa.

    Hope you are enjoying your hot tub!

    1. It is not necessary to drain your spa before changing the ClearRay bulb. Simply turn the power off, remove the equipment door, remove the 4 screws on the cover of the ClearRay unit, slide the old bulb out and the new bulb in. Be careful not to touch the new UV bulb with your hands. Replace the cover and 4 screws, replace the equipment door, turn the power back on, and you are back in business. Feel free to call any of our stores if you feel like you need more help with this, we are happy to assist you! (Call 1-800-787-7665). Good luck!

  2. I replaced the bulb and it still shows on the display replace bulb? How long does it take to not show up on display? I turned the power off a few times and this didn’t help..

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