Large contributions for Charity at the Home Show

Large contributions for Charity at the Home Show

Today was the first day at the Seattle

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Home Show and the first experience we all had with Swimming for Charity. As explained in an earlier article, BECU, the Seattle Home Show and Aqua Quip teamed up with Habitat for Humanity and with Swim Spas from Hydropool we set up a booth at the Seattle Home Show where anyone could (and still can) sign up to swim for up to 60 minutes at a time. See more about the project here.

The first day was a huge success. Together we managed to raise $4,088 – thanks to the participants, their friends and families and all the generous attendees who all chipped in. This is much more than we anticipated. 6 participants signed up and every swimmer swam the full 60 minutes! What an incredible achievement! This is a hard workout and we want to thank every participant for their contribution and hard work.

We want to share just a few stories from today, hopefully inspiring even more participation for this exciting way of donating time and money to a charitable cause. Danielle, 13 years old and a supreme swimmer had gone out on her own prior to her appointment and gathered pledges for donations that added up to $300! This was on top of the $600 we would contribute on her behalf. Everyone at the show were so amazed at this girls dedication that they chipped in and made sure Danielle’s donation for swimming was rounded up to exactly $1,000.

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These two ladies stuck around all day so they could both swim! And it looks like they were so excited about the experience of swimming in a swim spa that they might get one of their own!

2013-02-16 17.36.33

We can’t wait for tomorrow and another day of swimming and donating. There are still slots left to fill – sign up now! Or if you want to donate to the cause you can do so on their website. Remember to note that you are donating to “Swim for Charity”.

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