Managing Your Pools Chlorine Consumption

Many pool and hot tub owners are stressing over the upcoming summers chlorine shortage. The chlorine shortage we are experiencing is two-fold. First, many homeowners decided to install a pool or hot tub during 2020 to have summer fun while safely social distancing, leading to a higher demand for the product.

Secondly, one of the country’s three domestic chlorine manufacturers experienced a chemical plant fire, putting a dent in the already-stretched supply. And while the plant expects to manufacture 30% more product after its $170 million renovations, operations won’t be in full swing until the spring of 2022. But worry not, Aqua Quip has you covered!

Water Care Tips from the Pros at Aqua Quip

Get the most out of your water care purchases.

Pool owners can save on chlorine by controlling how much dirt, oils, etc., enters the pool. Professionals suggest swimmers take a quick rinse in the shower before going swimming. They also advise pool owners to keep pets out of the water to cut down on chlorine use. (A dog in the pool is equivalent to 50 people swimming.)

Additionally, there are several chlorine-saving actions pool owners can take in the form of products:


PoolRx uses minerals to eliminate algae and cut down on your pool’s maintenance and chlorine needs. This product is a copper-based algaecide and comes in various sizes, making it ideal for large pools or small hot tubs and spas. Place this product in the skimmer basket or pump basket to keep water consistently moving through it.

Flippin’ Frog XL

For pools up to 10,000 gallons large, the Flippin’ Frog XL uses silver and other minerals to cut down on chlorine usage and then assists with its “IV-drip” distribution. As your helpful pool assistant, the frog flips over when a new chlorine cartridge is required.

BioGuard Super Soluble

This more potent shock contains a quick-dissolving chlorine concentrate with a built-in stabilizer. It keeps chlorine in the water for longer and eliminates bacteria without changing the balance in the pool. Super Soluble keeps chlorine level high in the face of extreme heat and can be added even when it’s sunny. Use just a few ounces a day as directed to achieve and maintain a high chlorine residual.

BioGuard Optimizer

BioGuard’s Optimizer product adds borates to your pool. Borates act as a pH buffer that keeps the pH from rising rapidly in your pool, which is a significant concern for saltwater pools. When the water’s pH is in the correct range, it will hold onto sanitizers and chlorine longer. (The water will stay below acidic levels that rapidly burn through these products.)

With BioGuard Optimizer, your pool water will feel softer and “sparkle” more in the sun. Borates at a high concentration help prevent algae growth in the pool when kept in a range of 30-50 ppm. Simply pour it into the skimmer and let it circulate.

BioGuard Pool Complete

Prevent waterline buildup, remove phosphates from your pool, and leave the water crystal clear. The recommended usage is four ounces per week per 8,000 gallons of water. It’s a low-maintenance solution to cleaner, clearer water and results in less chlorine use throughout the summer months. 

Solar Cover

Pool solar covers are easy to move in and out of the water, and they considerably reduce sun burn-off and evaporation, allowing for decreased chlorine consumption and saving water. While they resemble flimsy bubble wrap, these covers are powerful heat trappers, meaning you can even extend your swimming season with water that stays warmer longer.

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