My First Saber Grill Experience

For the past six months I have been using the Infrared Saber Grill to cook up everything from burgers to ribs to pizza! While I am a Aqua Quip employee, I am also a satisfied customer and wanted to give my honest opinion of my experience with the Saber Grill. This is a look into my experience with the Saber the day I brought home the box, and the first time I made my family burgers with infrared technology.

Building the Grill

When I brought home the Saber Cast Black 3 Burner Grill from Aqua Quip I was so excited to grill something for the first time with my new grill! Opening the box you find everything you need to put the grill together and detailed instructions walking you through the process. Saber has made the process so simple by limiting the number of tools & parts it takes to put the grill together. If you are putting together your Saber Infrared Grill I highly recommend using the video below for step by step instructions!

Less parts = Simpler Assembly

Using the paper directions and watching the mentioned video I built my very own Saber Grill in around 45 minutes. Aqua Quip sells these grills pre-built as well, so you can start grilling right away when you get home

First time Grilling

For my first time grilling on the Saber I decided to grill up some juicy burgers. Starting up the Saber Grill was super simple and it got up to temperature quicker than any barbeque I have used in the past. Before I knew it, I was grilling burgers and bacon at the same time. One thing that I didn’t know about the grill before I used it was how much smoke it would produce. This is totally normal for the Saber Infrared Grill so don’t worry if things start getting smokey when you first start cooking.

The true test of any Barbeque… Burgers.

The infrared technology allows the Saber grill to distribute heat throughout the grill evenly. That means no flare ups that will ruin your grilling experience. This is perfect for grilling bacon on the grill! Knowing that you won’t be burning your bacon on the left while your burgers are cold on the right is the best feeling. This grill inspires confidence on new grillers and pros alike.

I never thought I’d prefer bacon cooked on the grill!

Truly Brilliant Taste

The burgers turned out amazing. They were perfectly cooked and the bacon came out smokey and crispy. The true brilliance of the infrared grill is how it seals in the juicy flavor when it cooks. The grill directly cooks the burgers and diverts air away from the cooking surface, leaving more moisture in your food and making flare-ups and charred foods a thing of the past. The Saber grill lived up to the expectations and it continues to impress me every time! It is not everyday that you find a grill like this one that is so consistently good at grilling and easy to use!

Coming from a traditional gas grill. I can taste the difference.

If you have had trouble with flare ups, inconsistent temperatures, or dry food with your current BBQ take a look at the Saber Infrared Grill. I have been super happy with the capabilities of this grill and it makes me confident that I can grill consistently delicious food that will impress family and guests alike!