Prep your indoor & outdoor living space for your most memorable spring yet!

We’ve had an incredibly long winter here in the Pacific Northwest, but with a few recent sunny days it reminds us that we live in a beautiful state! It also reminds us, that we need to prep our indoor & outdoor living space for the most memorable spring yet! With all the excitement surrounding sharing meals with family & friends outdoors or the kids playing “Marco Polo” in the pool, or loved ones relaxing in a hot tub – some are left with the overwhelming feeling of “Where do I even begin?”

Start with a fireplace cleaning.

Sounds like a strange place to start, but after relying on this heat source for the past 5+ months your fireplace could use some routine maintenance. From the surface all fireplaces can use a cleaning, but when was the last time you had your fireplace or gas insert serviced by a certified-professional? We’ve all heard the danger of faulty fireplaces, but allowing a professional to service your fireplace, you can keep potential threats at bay & keep your family safe. Make your fireplace sparkle from the inside-out, make it perform & function properly for the next winter season. Contact us today to schedule a Fireplace Cleaning or Service!

Next, clean up your outdoor cooking space.

Do you have a barbecue that has built up residue from the last year’s Labor Day extravaganza? Not sure how to make your barbecue sparkle or even fire up again? Contact our team of Professional BBQ Cleaning Team . Have your grill looking new in no-time!

Finally, restore your outdoor living space.

Do you have a pool or spa that is littered with nature’s debris? Leaves, sticks, and/or tree branches covering what used to be a sparkling masterpiece? Are your little ones getting stir crazy indoor & ready to jump in the pool? Or do you need to take a much needed relaxing dip in your spa? Don’t let the overwhelming options of cleaning chemicals overwhelm you like the first day of high school chemistry class. Contact our team of pool/spa maintenance & cleaning team to help!
However, if you feel like your pool or spa has faced some issues beyond the surface, from mechanical malfunctions to basic cracks & leaks-contact our service & repair team!

Here at Aqua Quip, we believe that every day is a chance to reconnect, make memories, & enjoy every moment with family & friends. Don’t let the overwhelming task of overhauling, repairing, or restoring your indoor & outdoor living space fall solely on your shoulders. Contact our local, professionally-certified service & maintenance teams to come to the rescue! Prepare your home & outdoor living space for the most memorable spring yet!