Summer is for Grilling! Savor Summer With These BBQ Recipes

Hello, Summer! It is our busiest season at Aqua Quip, but we love to slow down & savor these longer days of summer with our friends and family around our barbecue.

We celebrate the season by embracing the season’s freshest catches & produce the Northwest has to offer, and these incredible recipes from our vendor partners epitomize summer at its finest!  From savory grilled shrimp, to indulgent candied bacon crusted salmon; we love all the flavors unique to summer!

Citrus & Dill Shrimp

Do you love shrimp cocktail? Then you’ll love this citrus & dill shrimp recipe grilled on the Big Green Egg. Serve alongside the white wine citrus & dill sauce for impact flavor, and this quick cooking appetizer will kick off any summer barbecue with a bang!

Candied Bacon Crusted Salmon

This recipes says “Northwest” through & through! If you are looking for a recipe to impress your guests with your grilling prowess, try this recipe for candied bacon crusted salmon recipe by Saber Grills. Not only is the taste “to die for,” the grilling technique will capture their interest.  Plank grilling fish is a Native American cooking method originating from the Northwest, but the technique has spread across the continent.  This approach grills the salmon on top of cedar or alder wood planks that have been soaked in water. The plank serves as a cooking vessel, but it also imparts smokiness as it begins to smolder.

Vegetable Medley

Stop by your local farmer’s market & stock up on fresh vegetables! This vegetable medley recipe by Green Mountain Grill is a guide, and you can easily exchange the suggested vegetables to create your own vegetable medley to include in-season produce. The beautiful array of colors will liven up, and bring freshness to your next cookout.

Grilled Banana S’mores

AHHH fresh s’mores! Nothing says “summer” like the smell of gooey marshmallows, melted chocolate, and graham crackers! Try Weber’s fresh spin on a summer classic with their grilled banana s’mores recipe!

We hope these recipes inspire you to embrace the season’s freshest flavors and that you enjoy the remaining days of summer! Remember, this is the time for grilling – savor every moment with these flavorful recipes!