Types of Grills (Part 2): Infrared and Pellet

For the second part of our quick and easy guide to all the different types of grills you can choose for your backyard BBQ, we’re looking at two less conventional grill types: Infrared and pellet grills. When it comes to grilling, these grills may not be as well-known as charcoal or gas, but that doesn’t mean they can’t hold their own against the more traditional outdoor cookers. In fact, both pellet grills and infrared grills offer distinctive advantages over charcoal and gas. To get a better understanding of those advantages, let’s take a closer look.

Infrared Grills

Perhaps you’d never heard of infrared grills before now, but these incredible outdoor cookers can take your grilling game to the next level. As their name suggests, infrared grills utilize the power of infrared radiation to cook your food. Rather than heating the air as other grills do, infrared grills heat a surface—made out of ceramic, steel, or glass—that is specially designed to emit infrared heat.

The greatest advantage of infrared grills is that they can reach far higher temperatures faster than most other grills, which means the guests at your BBQ won’t have to wait nearly as long for their food. What’s more, since the grilling process on an infrared grill is quick, whatever you’re grilling won’t lose any moisture as it would on other grills. As a result, you can produce premium quality tender, tasty, and evenly cooked barbecue meals swiftly and consistently.

Our Infrared Grill Recommendation: Saber Grills

If you’re in the market for an infrared grill, Aqua Quip recommends anything from Saber Grills. They offer an array of different grills for all budgets. Their proprietary infrared cooking system can help you produce some of the juiciest, smokiest, most tender barbecue you’ve ever tasted.

One of our favorite things about Saber Grills, aside from the premium BBQ it produces, is their fuel efficiency. Not only does the speedy heat-up and rapid cooking time reduce the amount of fuel required to get the job done, but the system itself is designed for efficiency. In total, you’re looking at a roughly 30% reduction in gas consumption with your infrared grill from Saber.

Pellet Grills

That’s right, gas and charcoal are not the only ways to get your grilling done. Pellet grills offer an alternative form of fuel for your backyard BBQ grilling ventures: All-natural hardwood pellets. You simply load up the grill’s hopper with pellets and light them up for a one-of-a-kind grilling experience. That’s because the fuel source for pellet grills don’t just provide heat; they offer a unique wood-fired flavor, too, which is perhaps the most significant advantage of these types of grills.

Pellet grills are easy to use for grilling and offer excellent temperature control. Another standout characteristic is their ability to use different types of wood, based on what you plan on cooking. For example, you could use hickory for steaks and barbecue for chicken, cherry for seafood and corn, and apple for pork chops. It’s a level of grilling versatility that no other grill has to offer, and it can take your BBQ to the next level.   

Our Pellet Recommendation: Green Mountain Grills

When it comes to Aqua Quip’s recommendation for pellet grills, not much compares to what Green Mountain Grills has to offer.

You can own a high-tech, industry-leading pellet grill for a modest price. With their selection of grills, you can feed the whole family at once! The temperature control that all pellet grills afford cookers is already incredible, but with GMG Smart Control, you can keep an eye on your barbecue remotely. Green Mountain Grills really takes “set it and forget it” to a whole new level.

In the Market for a Grill?

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