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Hot Tub Buyers Guide

About Hot Tubs

Designed for Relaxation & Therapy

Hot tubs were made for you to experience true comfort and distraction-free relaxation. As you
de-stress with massage jets and warm hydrotherapy, you can put your mind at ease.

In this Buyer's Guide we will show you all the benefits of a hot tub, how to prepare your backyard
for the ultimate personal oasis, and how to care for it to extend the life of your hot tub.

Choosing A Location

The perfect placement for your hot tub is key for ensuring maximum usage & accessibility,
maintain privacy, and ensure installation & operation run smoothly.


The placement of your hot tub should start with a clear path - make it convenient to access in order to maximize usage. Look above the spa too, make sure you have no large hedges or trees that will drop debris into your spa.


In order to maintain privacy make sure your hot tub is not in the sight line of your neighbors. If your yard is smaller, a spa umbrella, or an automated gazebo like a Covana is highly recommended.


Hot tubs usually require more than a standard outlet to operate. Something about We will provide you an estimate to make sure..

Tip: Aqua Quip's licensed electricians can assist you throughout the entire installation process.

Envision the Area

Usually, a hot tub becomes the centerpiece of someone's outdoor living space. Before placing the hot tub, envision the space around it. Will you need extra room for outdoor furniture, or kitchen? Will the placement lend to creating more privacy, accessibility, and operation? Once you've narrowed down your options, inspect the area. Make sure the foundation is flat & measure the space around it. Taking these extra precautions, will ensure the perfect placement of your new hot tub.

Tip: Cover lifting arms can be a great way to lift and hold your spa cover while you soak. But planning where that cover will rest can be key! Proper ground preparation is essential. We can help! And it doesn't get much easier than a smart deck under your hot tub!

The Perfect Size

After taking into consideration the location of your spa & the area around it, you can then choose
the perfect size hot tub.


Determining the purpose of your hot tub can allow you to choose the type of atmosphere you would like to create. Is this hot tub for entertainment? Relaxation? Hydrotherapy & healing? This will then help you decide who you'll share this space with.


Beyond thinking the amount of seating capacity, also assess configuration Would you like to have lounge style for full body hydrotherapy for 2 or therapy seats for your family. Typically hot tubs can seat from 2 to 8 people.


Seating capacity doesn't always determine outer dimensions. Additional seats usually add a few inches to the exterior dimension while giving you a lot more room inside your hot tub.

Unique Features

After you've done some planning on the placement & ideal size of your hot tub, you can then start
to select unique features based on your needs & preferences. From adjustable jets, to spa
controls - make every moment in your hot tub a one-of-a-kind experience.

Adjustable Jets

Most models include adjustable jets to fully personalize your massage.


Waterfalls provide a relaxing environment as well as a unique massage experience.


Hot tub lighting creates a relaxing ambiance for your hot tub to ensure quality relaxation.

Lounge Seating

Lounge seats allow you to completely immerse yourself in the therapeutic nature of your hot tub.


Stay connected while you relax; listen to your favorite songs; watch your favorite shows; you can do it all.

Spa Controls

Easy-to-use spa controls help you vary the speed and strength of the jets with the push of a button.


With a wide array of interior shell & exterior cabinet color combinations, make your hot tub look as
unique as you! A hot tub is an extension of your outdoor living space, make it complement your
home as well. Options vary by brand.

Interior Shell Color

Add a touch of luxury to your hot tub by selecting the perfect interior shell color for you.

Exterior Cabinet Color

Enhance the look of your hot tub by choosing from a selection of cabinet colors.

Build & Price

Health Benefits

The bliss you experience when you own a hot tub is only enhanced by the added health benefits
that each spa provides.


Hydrotherapy has a range of health benefits. The heat itself promotes circulation & speeds up removal of lactic acid, while the buoyancy of the water lifts the effects of gravity and takes the pressure off joints for pain relief.

Massage Jets

More jets doesn't necessarily mean a better quality massage. Look for jets that are carefully crafted & placed within the seating. With high quality jets provide long lasting comfort without overloading your spa.

Lounge Seating

With lounge seating, it creates instant relaxation by positioning the body in a reclined state & creates a totally immerse experience. Jets are placed throughout the seat to create full body hydrotherapy.


With proper operation & an effective water heater, the water in a hot tub is able to reach an average of 102┬░F. The heat aids in increasing blood flow & circulation throughout the body, potentially helping to ease any muscle soreness or cramps.


Diving deeper into the construction is a direct correlation on the life expectancy of a hot tub. It is
critical to look at the quality of the foundation & building materials used during the construction of
your hot tub to ensure durability.


Properly done insulation will keep your water at an optimal temperature, will keep your heating costs low, will protect it from environmental damage, & ensure the durability of your hot tub.


With a sleek aesthetic and durable construction, acrylic shell spas are the most popular option in the market. But not all acrylic can last. Trusted hot tub brands like Jacuzzi and Sundance are well-known in the industry for manufacturing the best and highest quality acrylic shell hot tubs.

Rotationally Molded

Unibody construction creates a strong, durable spa, and is often a less expensive option than traditional acrylic. Since they are made of one material, rotationally molded hot tubs are easy to install, easy to use, and are built to last.

Sealed Cabinets

Strong, attractively designed cabinets enclose and protect the plumbing components of your hot tub. A well protected spa will have a synthetic exterior cabinet and a sealed protected bottom.


Having the right equipment is necessary to keep your hot tub running smoothly & operate at the
most optimal level.


Are an essential addition to your hot tubs, covers trap in heat, while protecting from debris for easy spa care.


Make climbing into your spa less dangerous & allows for easy accessibility.

Filters & Pumps

Will keep your water clean & clear. They also minimize the maintenance & reduce chemical usage as well.

Tip: With the purchase of a hot tub filter from Aqua Quip, you get two FREE filter cleanings at our Filter Cleaning Day (Held Twice a Year, Follow us on Facebook for updates!)

Water Care

Alongside proper equipment like filters and pumps, water care is an essential step in water
sanitation & daily maintenance of your hot tub.


The CLEARRAY® UV-C system offers clean and clear water. Using this technology to neutralize waterborne pathogens and reduce the amount of sanitizer you use.

Ozone Sanitation

A powerful oxidizer of contaminants in water. Utilizing ozone sanitation could decrease the need for chemical cleaners, destroys bacteria, viruses, algae, odor, & contaminates.

Alkalinity & pH

In conjunction to a ClearRay UV system & ozone sanitation, balancing your water chemistry is an essential step in having crystal clear water. This usually starts with adjusting alkalinity & pH levels.

Tip: Bring your water samples to an Aqua Quip near you to have it tested by our water lab experts. They can then recommend the right products to treat any chemical imbalances.

Service, Maintenance,
& Warranty

Local Support

While shopping for a hot tub, where you buy is as important as what you buy. When you purchase at Aqua Quip, we can promise that all of our products are backed by our Aqua Quip Customer Service Guarantee.

Customer Service Guarantee

From the sales floor to your backyard, Aqua Quip's Customer Service Guarantee is established to ensure the smoothest purchasing process ever! Our guarantee includes:

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