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Barbeque Cleaning

Full Grill Detail Package

Let’s us make your BBQ sparkle again with our full grill detail packages starting at $285. Our Full Grill/BBQ detail includes: If possible, pull the grill to a safe place. If we can’t move it, we place tarps and blankets down to protect your deck. Vacuuming out the big debris and cleaning the inside with a degreaser and let it soak. Next we pull the grates and shields out and we soak them separately. We then vacuum again and control the refuse, scrub the inside surface, clean the gas holes and clean the exterior of the grill with a cleaner and microfiber cloth. Lastly we reassemble the grill, test it to make sure it lights and then place it back in its original place! All cleaning products are food safe, bio and pet friendly.

Pellet Grill Detailing

Our grill cleaning team can now clean and service Smokers, GMG, Trager, and other pellet grills starting at $275.00. This includes a clean grate, vacuum, wipe exterior, and very light clean of the interior(to avoid removing the seasoning).