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Pool Services

Pool Maintenance Contracts

We offer swimming pool maintenance throughout the year. Our basic pool package for pools for summer includes weekly visits beginning in May through September, and monthly visits from October through April.

We can also customize a service package to meet your needs. We spread the payment equally across 12 months, rather than issue higher invoices in the summer than the winter. This includes all the labor during those visits but does not include water care products.

Pool Maintenance

The Aqua Quip maintenance time can also handle your other minor maintenance needs such as handling your annual UV bulb replacement, cleaning your filters, and cleaning salt cells. Nothing is to small for us!

Pool Cleaning

Is your pool looking more swampy green instead of crystal clean?

Let us come out and whip that pool or spa back into shape. We will give you an estimate before we start any work and we will make recommendations as to easier and faster ways for you to maintain your water. Let us help!