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Massage Chairs To Restore Body and Mind

Massage Chairs To Restore Body and Mind

Introducing Jacuzzi® Massage Chairs, offering yet another way to relax and rejuvenate — right in the comfort of your home!

Now On Display In Our Issaquah and Woodinville Showrooms


Wraps around the shoulders
with an air pressure massage, easing strain and tension in your fatigued shoulders.


Provides a soothing air
pressure massage from your
fingertips to your elbows,
which targets areas prone to
carpal tunnel and arthritis.


Revitalizes your feet with
a kneading massage that
stimulates the nerve endings
at the bottom of your feet.


Senses the size and shape
of your body to provide
a massage experience
crafted uniquely for you.


Provides an immersive full-body massage from your neck to your hamstrings while targeting major muscle groups.


Saves space by sliding forward before reclining, requiring only 3 inches of clearance.