How to Cook the Perfect Turkey

October is over! Thanksgiving is right around the corner and turkeys are a traditional part of the upcoming holiday season. If you are in charge of cooking the turkey this year, we are here to help you serve the perfect turkey. Not only is it important to safely thaw and season your turkey, its also important to decide what technique to use the cook the bird. Some popular techniques include traditional oven roasting, a southern favorite of deep frying, pellet smoking or grilling a turkey on a BBQ. We can help break down the most common ways to prepare and cook the turkey that will wow the table!

Deep Frying Your Turkey

Deep frying a turkey is an extremely quick option as it typically takes less an hour to cook a turkey. Maintain the temperature of oil (usually peanut oil) at 350 degrees F and cook the turkey 3 ½ minutes per pound, about 45 minutes. The internal temperature in the thickest part of the thigh must reach 165 degrees F to safely eat. The deep-frying process must be done outdoors, using a fryer specifically made for cooking a turkey, usually attached to a burner and propane tank. While you can season the turkey like normal, this turkey preparation does not allow for stuffing nor does it have any drippings for homemade gravy. You do however seal in the juices so that the turkey stays flavorful and moist and the outside is crispy. Please use safety precautions as this method uses several gallons of boiling oil.

How to Deep Fry a Turkey | HowStuffWorks

Turkey in the Traditional Oven

The most traditional tried and true method of cooking a turkey is to roast it in a conventional oven, which is pretty easy to learn as the typical rule of thumb is to roast for 30 minutes per pound with the internal temperature of at least 165 degrees F. It’s recommended to brine the turkey first to ensure it stays juicy and adds to the overall flavor. You will have amazing drippings to make homemade gravy and you can stuff your bird with stuffing. Clean up is easy if you use a disposable roasting pan or bag to cook the turkey in. This method allows you to have time to prepare all the side dishes while the turkey is cooking however this might also be hard to cook other sides if you need the oven for those dishes.

How Long to Cook a Turkey: Chart and Guide | Real Simple

Turkey on the Grill

A less traditional method that has been growing in popularity is grilling a turkey on a BBQ is a great and easy way to keep your turkey tender and wow you’re your guests with flavor. If you are looking for that rich smoky flavor and perfectly browned skin, on your Thanksgiving turkey look no further than the Saber Grill with stainless steel rotisserie. You are free to get more done in the kitchen while your grill gently spins your turkey to perfection. Saber’s patented infrared technology heats evenly, holds in juiciness and flavor, and eliminates flare-ups. Depending on the grills temperature you’ll expect to grill 18-21 minutes per pound and add 3 minutes per pound if it is cold. Make sure to check the temperature halfway and that the turkey is fully cooked at 165 degrees F on the innermost part of the of the breast. You won’t be disappointed with grilling a turkey on a Saber Grill this year.

Holiday Grilling: Grilled Turkey Recipe | Better Barbecue Blog

Smoking Your Turkey

One of our favorite ways to get creative with the flavor of our turkey is with a pellet smoker. Using a smoker like a Green Mountain Grill will add a delicious smokey flavor and keep your turkey juicy and tender. You’ll want to smoke turkey for approximately 8 – 10 hours at 275 degrees or until the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees when measured in the thickest part of the thigh. Green Mountain Grill smokers are equipped with a Smart Control so you can control and monitor your grill and see your turkey’s internal temperature from your couch! We carry the best wood pellets so you can pick the perfect flavor to compliment your Thanksgiving meal. To celebrate Turkey Day this year we are giving away a free rotisserie kit when you purchase a Jim Bowie or Daniel Boone Green Mountain Grill!  

Honey Jalapeno Turkey - Green Mountain Grills

We might be a little bias, but we think everything tastes better on a grill and if you want to try it out this year we are here to help! All Saber Grills and Green Mountain Smokers are on sale now! Get an amazing deal at any of our locations or sign up for a virtual presentation from one of our “Turkey Grilling Experts” online. We have special savings for the holiday season, and we know you will wow your family with a tasty turkey on your new grill!