Make the Summer season last longer than ever!

Nothing quite compares to the pure bliss of floating in your pool on a nice sunny day with your shades on! We look forward to these moments in the warm sunshine, and search for ways to make these moments last longer. By having a high-quality heat pump installed, you can extend your swimming pool season!

How do heat pumps extend the swimming pool season?

Pumps allow you to run your pool at a comfortable swimming temperature, even when the outside temperature decreases. The pumps use heat from the outside, and then transfers it to the pool water. A heat pump doesn’t burn energy to create heat. It only uses a small amount of energy to transfer free heat from the air to the pool.  Beyond keeping your pool warm, heat pumps provide a wide array of benefits like:

  • It Saves You Money: On average heat pumps are 75% less expensive to use than gas.
  • They are Eco-friendly: Pumps are green & have virtually no carbon blueprint.
  • Built to last: Made with corrosion proof cabinets

Looking for dependable & efficient heat pump? Check out the AquaCal heat pumps. They have been in business since 1981, and is the most trusted heat pump brand in the industry. As one of the largest swimming pool heat pump manufacturers in the world, AquaCal knows how to make a reliable, long-lasting heat pump to keep your swimming pool warm all year. And, with an AquaCal heat pump, you’ll also feel good about its low impact on the environment, as they are green and have virtually no effect on your carbon footprint. At Aqua Quip we are proud to be a certified AquaCal dealer. See all the benefits of the AquaCal HeatWave SuperQuiet ® or the Tropical® Heat Pumps here.

If you are currently looking for a new heat pump, & need to upgrade your current pool heater – stop by your local Aqua Quip for a MASSIVE AquaCal Trade-In Program! When you return your old gas heaters, receive an Aqua Quip in-store credit of up to $500, depending on the  Heat Pump model purchased.