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Nordic Hot Tubs™

Nordic Hot Tubs

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About Nordic Hot Tubs™

Since 1995, Nordic has been making incredibly comfortable and unbelievably relaxing hot tubs and spas. Nordic’s round or square wood hot tubs are crafted with the quality standards you deserve. Commonly recognized for their comfortable and cozy hot tubs and spas, Nordic hot tubs are easy to install and beautifully designed. With several available accessories, Nordic’s therapeutic tubs will look and feel great in your backyard.

Sport Edition Hot Tubs

Sport Edition Hot Tubs

All-in Hot Tubs

All-in Hot Tubs



Sale: $5,295

Price: $7,295

Classic Series Hot Tubs

Classic Series Hot Tubs

Modern Series Hot Tubs

Modern Series Hot Tubs

Retreat<sup>™</sup> MS

Retreat MS

Sale: $6,995

Price: $7,995

Jubilee<sup>™</sup> MS

Jubilee MS

Sale: $7,495

Price: $8,495

Bella<sup>™</sup> MS

Bella MS

Sale: $4,995

Price: $5,995

Luxury Series Hot Tubs

Luxury Series Hot Tubs

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Nordic’s DTS™, Dual Therapy Systems, offers a unique combination of high-volume whirlpool water flow and targeted direct pressure jet massage to give you the ultimate hot water therapy. Jet massage coupled with warm, moving water works to alleviate tension from muscles and move your whole body into a state of relaxation. As your body and breathing relax while you sit in your hot tub, the brain is triggered to release hormones such as dopamine and serotonin. These are “feel good” hormones, which help reduce anxiety, stress, and depression.

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