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Baqua Spa® Sirona Simply Total Alkalinity Increaser

Product Description

***BaquaSpa is now Sirona Simply Spa Care***

Make sure your spa water remains as safe and healthy as can be with Sirona Spa Up. The granular formula of our spa alkalinity increaser raises the pH and total alkalinity levels in hot water to increase the effectiveness of your sanitizer as well as reduce the chance of equipment corrosion.

  • Spa Up is compatible with all sanitizers and ensures your spa water stays safe and healthy
  • Granular formula of our spa alkalinity increaser increases pH and total alkalinity levels, so your sanitizer stays effective
  • Effectively balances spa water to minimize the risk of equipment corrosion
  • Our spa alkalinity increaser keeps your spa water above 7.2 to prevent corrosion from occurring
  • Maintains sanitizer effectiveness for clean spa water and whole-self wellness

Price: $12.99

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