3 Ways to Reinvent your Fitness Routine with a Swim Spa

Are you looking to revamp your fitness routine? Whether you used to work out regularly at the gym or if you are thinking about starting a new fitness routine a swim spa may be the perfect way to kick start your love for working out.

Even though the name swim spa suggests swimming, there are plenty of ways to experience a full body work out in the comfort of your own backyard in a Hydropool Swim Spa. Working out in the same way day after day can lead to a stale workout routine. We want to keep in home exercise fun and exciting by letting you enjoy exercising without a commute, with a variety of workouts, and you can end your workout with a relaxing massage in your own hydrotherapy spa!

There are many benefits to aquatic exercise in both a regular pool and swim spa. Aquatic exercise offers low-impact alternatives to regular exercise as it has been proven to reduce pressure on joints, reduce fatigue and reduce both blood pressure and relieve stress. The buoyancy of the water reduces the stress on the body allowing you to move more freely. Water exercise programs can improve your flexibility and balance, increase muscle strength, boost endurance, increase your mood and meet weight loss goals. You can get all the benefits of a regular exercise routine right in your own backyard.

Here’s our three ways you can use a swim spa to reinvent your fitness routine:

1. Aqua Cycling

Cycling is an effective form of exercising as it is low impact, tones your core muscles and strengthens your heart. Aqua cycling takes these benefits and expands upon them. By using a stationary aqua swim bike you’ll be able to work your leg muscles even more with the added resistance of water and the water will provide more support for the joints in your knees, ankles and feet to help make cycling more comfortable for you and less stressful on your body.

2. AquaBLAST Punching Bag

If you love martial arts, kickboxing or punching bags, you definitely need the new AquaBlast. The AquaBlast is a water-filled punching and exercise bag made for swimming pools and swim spas. It is a fun way to get a low-impact, high-intensity working out using the water’s resistance. The AquaBlast floats just below the water’s surface as you punch, kick, lift and throw it. This allows you to keep your head above water and feel the excitement of kickboxing plus the support that water brings to your joints. The AquaBlast will give you a full core and body workout that will absolutely spice up your workout routine. Click Here to buy now!

3. Under Water Strength Training

Water weights are specially designed to work with the water’s resistance to help you build core muscle strength. To start building muscle in your swim spa, you will want to invest in underwater dumbbells as well as ankle weights if you want to also tone your thighs and calves. By using water weights, you’ll engage more core muscles then you would normally on land, and this will help you tone your whole body, not just your arms. You can find numerous water weight workout videos online for fun workout ideas.

Whether you are looking for a new exercise routine or simply a change from the regular routine, a swim spa may just be what you are looking for. If you already have a swim spa but you are looking for new reasons to get excited about working out check out the swim spa fitness kit that we put together. There are so many ways to use a swim spa in your routine and fun ways to spice up your workout routine that are beneficial to your overall health. We can help you find the perfect swim spa or exercise accessory that you will need to keep your fitness workout enjoyable and fun.