5 Ways a Hot Tub Can Help Your Family Reconnect

Of course, you and your family spend a lot of time together. But, how much of that time is invested in really connecting? Activities that are enjoyable to every member of the family are few and far in between. Many families are spending their time at home together a large without really connecting at all. All too often, most of us find ourselves in a semi-content schedule of co-existence. 

Instead of the usual evening spent with each member of your family spread quietly throughout the house, imagine your family settled closely together engaged in a lively conversation about whatever comes to mind. The origin of this sacred environment is simple; your own backyard hot tub. While enticing, the idea of your whole family getting on board might not be entirely convincing. However, a hot tub is a natural magnet for people of all ages. Consider these 5 reasons that hot tubs can reunite families in only a few minutes a day.

1. Electronic Devices and Water Don’t Mix

Yes, we’re all guilty of giving half of our attention to the people we love and the other half to whatever glowing device currently captures our fancy. Most of us use smartphones, but have you ever tried to count how many times you check yours each day? Statistics show that the average smartphone user checks the device 63 times per day. If that’s not convincing enough, 86% of us check our devices while talking to friends or family.

While there’s nothing wrong with seeking entertainment, there’s something to be said for undivided attention. In our homes, we’ve become accustomed to using smartphones during practically every activity. The use of electronic devices during meals, movie nights, and game nights have become commonplace. Abandoning your devices for even 20 minutes can provide some time to reconnect.

2. The Effect of Semi-Darkness

When you’re staring at your teen across the dinner table, he might be reluctant to make eye contact or offer more than one-word answers to any question you ask. Later, as twilight settles over the yard, and the family is gathered in the hot tub, you might be surprised to get an unprompted summary of his entire day. Maybe it’s the relaxing pressure of the water jets, the effect of the semi-darkness, or the simple position change of not being face-to-face. Whatever the reason, time spent in a hot tub takes the pressure off engaging in a casual (or deep) conversation. 

3. The Allure of Water

Perhaps your teenagers or your spouse roll their eyes at the very idea of a hot tub. In theory, they would never use it. In reality, a hot tub in the yard will quickly become a focal point no one will resist. Once installed, the hot tub can easily become a natural place to gather. Line up a few lawn chairs for a no-pressure invitation to hang out in the evening. A barbeque or fire pit nearby can add to the allure. Hot tub games are even available to heighten the fun. Whatever combination of activities your family enjoys, a hot tub will bring everyone together for many nights of unplugged entertainment.

4. Rekindling a Spark

Marriage isn’t supposed to be a life-long honeymoon, and being comfortable with one another is part of the joy of a long marriage. However, one day you might wake up to realize you’ve let your daily life become so hectic that you forget to even share a kiss or a kind word. Maybe you’ve given up date night because it’s easier to stay home, or worse, you were in a date night rut. 

Family night in the hot tub is a great way for the whole family to have fun, but a late-night soak can bring a whole new dimension to date nights at home. Without the indoor distractions of an unfinished to-do list, beckoning screens, or tomorrow’s looming schedule, you can reconnect as a couple. Whether you snuggle up for an overdue conversation or finally grab that kiss, a hot tub will remind you that you should never be too busy for a spark.

5. It’s Weatherproof… Almost

Pools are a lot of fun for the whole family… during the summer when it’s not raining. A hot tub, on the other hand, can be enjoyed throughout the year. In fact, some people prefer using a hot tub when the weather is cool. With an average 147 rainy days each year, Seattle, admittedly, doesn’t always experience “pool weather.” With a little forethought, your hot tub can make an enjoyable space to relax in any kind of weather. (Well, almost. Any unsafe weather, such as high winds, thunderstorms, or sub-zero temps should be endured inside.)

Since you were going to get wet anyway, you might be surprised to find light rain increases your feelings of relaxation once you’re cozily tucked into the hot tub. Consider grabbing an umbrella or a wide-brimmed hat to keep the rain off your face. Carry a thermos of hot cocoa to add to the heat. If your tub isn’t right outside the door, wear a robe so you don’t get too chilled on the trek across the lawn.

You might be surprised to discover winter as a favorite season to use your hot tub. Imagine soaking in the warmth of your hot tub while snowflakes are swirling around you. A family soak can be the perfect finale to a long day of sledding and skiing. As long as you follow the right safety techniques, there’s no reason not to enjoy your hot tub in the winter months. It’s a great way to ward off the chill while enjoying the outdoors in every season.

A hot tub probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you envision your family finally finding a way to reconnect, but it should be. With so much to offer, every family member can find a reason to enjoy time spent soaking in the hot tub. Finding ways to have fun at home isn’t always easy, but once you add a hot tub, everyone comes together. You might even find that your teens are finally willing to bring their friends around because your home is now the fun house in the neighborhood.