Discover All of the Activities Possible in a Swim Spa

If you didn’t already know, the swim spa is a two-in-one swimming pool and hot tub, and it’s revolutionizing exercise and relaxation. These amazing unending pools range in length between 12 and 19 feet, making them big enough for relaxing with the whole family or for doing just about any aquatic exercise you can imagine. 

Swim spas combine powerful jets with ample room to move around so you can swim laps without actually swimming laps (who needs to turn when you can swim in a forever-straight line?). And after your workout, you can sit back and relax with a well-earned massage from the hydrotherapy jets. It’s the best of both worlds! But that’s not all you can do in a swim spa. Surprised? We’ve got news for you. The possibilities are endless. (Like your pool!)

1. Water Walking

Sure, it’s the perfect place for getting in some laps, but you don’t necessarily have to swim in your swim spa. Once you’ve gotten your fill of backstrokes, breaststrokes, and doggy paddles, you can switch things up by doing some water walking. With the jets on a low setting, your Hydropool becomes a water treadmill so you can walk with less impact and slight resistance to strengthen your legs. Add water weights to your workout for an upper-body exercise while you walk.

 2. Canoeing, Kayaking, or Paddle Boarding*

Looking to sharpen your rowing skills, but you don’t always have time to get out on the open water? Instead of hauling your boat or board over to the harbor, why not get your rowing done in the comfort of your own backyard? That’s right. You can practice your kayaking, canoeing, or paddle boarding right in your swim spa. Just grab a boat or board and an oar or two, adjust your speed, and get going! With a perfect place to practice mere feet from your own home, you’ll be a master rower in no time.

*If Paddle Boarding is your go-to water activity, we suggest you remain seated; standing in your swim spa can be dangerous.

3. Body Surfing

Body surfing is a ton of fun, and a pretty great workout, too. However, you can’t always spend your day at the beach, especially if you don’t live nearby.

But don’t worry! Just attach a rope or cord to connect your surfboard to the front of your Hydropool swim spa, and hold on for some backyard bodysurfing fun! Turn up the speed for an extra challenge and endless fun. You can also tie an inner tube or a kneeboard to your swim spa to brush up on your skills before your next lakeside retreat.

4. Strength and Resistance Training

Each Hydropool swim spa comes equipped with small attachments on both ends so you can connect bands, ropes, and cords for your various water activities and aerobic exercises. With the jets turned off and resistance bands attached, you can choose from many different workouts to help strengthen your arms and legs.

Exercising in the water adds another level of resistance and ensures that you’re getting both your strength and cardio workouts in. The buoyancy of the water also takes away a lot of the impact you would get in regular exercise, saving your knees in the long run.

5. Lazy River Inner-Tubing

Just because you can exercise in a swim spa, doesn’t mean you have to. Hydropool’s self-cleaning swim spas create a circular jet cycle. You know what that means. Set yourself up in your favorite inner tube and let the jets push and pull you around your swim spa for a make-shift lazy river! Grab a book, set the jets to a slow speed, and relax as you float around your swim spa.

6. Teaching Kids to Swim

Hydropool is the perfect place for you to give your little ones their very first swimming lessons. With controllable water temperatures, you can be sure that your child is perfectly comfortable and safe while splashing around. What’s more, the swim spa design means your child will never be too far away from an edge to hang on to if they feel they’re struggling to stay above water. Less stress for them means better learning!

Think of the Hydropool as your child’s first step towards learning to swim freely and confidently in open water. Once they’ve mastered it, they’ll be ready for anything!

7. Aquatic Yoga

Yes, there is a style of yoga meant exclusively for the water (although it’s a relatively new form of the discipline). Aquatic yoga can be an excellent way for anyone to build flexibility, increase body strength, and relieve stress. Still, it’s particularly beneficial for those recovering from injuries, suffering from arthritis, or who need to avoid pressure and strain on their joints while exercising for any reason.

Swim spas are the perfect place to practice aquatic yoga. Just set your spa to the temperature and dive into one of the best forms of exercise one can do for their mind, body, and spirit. If you’re an avid yogi, you can transfer your skills to the pool. Most land postures and asanas are doable in the pool!

This is just the beginning! Hydropool swim spas are incredibly versatile for water activities; if you can think it, you can do it. For more information on Hydropool swim spas, go to our website: