Aqua Quip Shows Support to Local Military Veterans

Once again, Aqua Quip is teaming up with Sundance® Spas and Wish For Our Heroes (W4OH), to help local veterans in need of hydrotherapy. This year marks the 4th year Aqua Quip will be donating two brand new Sundance® Spas to two military veterans in the Puget Sound area with the help and support of the Wish For Our Heroes organization.

What is Wish For Our Heroes (W4OH)

Wish for Our Heroes is a national 501(c)(3), dedicated to providing resources to active-duty military members, in order to make their deployments a little easier, and to improve the quality of their family’s lives while home or during deployment. Additionally, the W4OH organization supports active-duty military members and veterans by helping provide basic living needs such as car and home repairs and donating baby supplies to sending them to sporting events and on trips. Along with the many great services W4OH provides for our men and women in uniform, the program has also partnered with Hot Tub 4 Heroes (HT4H) to help provide veterans who would benefit from hydrotherapy with hot tubs.

Hot Tubs 4 Heroes (HT4H) started in 2015 by Spa Palace in Colorado Springs with the help of Garrett Guinivan, Mid-Atlantic and Hot Tub 4 Heroes Director. Quickly after the program launched, Sundance® Spas took notice and helped bring the program nationwide. Since 2016, Hot Tubs 4 Heroes has donated over 73 spas to veterans across the country and Sundance® has raised $94,200 to help veterans through the Wish For Our Heroes program.

Aqua Quip’s Involvement

As a Sundance® Spa dealer and active member of the community, Aqua Quip jumped at the opportunity to get involved with Wish For Our Heroes. As experts in the hot tub industry, no one understands the physical and mental health benefits associated with hydrotherapy provided from soaking in a hot tub more than Aqua Quip.

Through Aqua Quip’s partnership with Wish For Our Heroes and Sundance® Spas, every purchase of a Sundance® Spa from Aqua Quip contributes to helping veterans in need. Additionally, Aqua Quip will be donating two Sundance® Spas to two veterans in the Puget Sound area who would benefit from hydrotherapy massage with the goal of hopefully easing some of the pain these veterans suffer as a result of their time serving our country. “Aqua Quip is very fortunate to have the opportunity to partner with W4OH’s again this year. We are honored to be able to do this for our military personnel who serve for us and we’re extremely proud to support this amazing program.”

If you are, or know a veteran in need of hydrotherapy, please complete the application form to be considered. Recipients will be announced on Veterans Day, November 11, 2021.