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Bioguard® SpaGuard® Rapid-Dissolve Shock Tabs

Product Description

  • Non-chlorine shock-oxidizer
  • Quickly oxidizes non-living waste and contaminants**
  • Single-dose, 1” tab per 300 gallons – 1200 liters weekly
  • Bottle treats average-sized spas for 12+ weeks

Rapid Dissolve Technology

Now there’s a super-convenient way to take the guesswork out of treating smaller bodies of water like spas, hot tubs or swim spas.

Select SpaGuard Rapid-Dissolving Tabs feature a unique effervescing technology that will quickly disperse treatments throughout the water.

No tedious dosing needed, it’s simply a matter of dropping tabs into the water and then watching them immediately start getting to work!

  • Convenient tabs that quickly respond to key challenges in smaller bodies of water like spas and swim spas
  • Single-dose, 1” tabs can treat up to 600 gallons/2,700 liters
  • Simply drop a tab in the filter well, then watch it disperse chemicals without any added effort
  • For use in spas and swim spas

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Price: $26.99

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