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Bioguard® SpaGuard® Enhanced Shock

Product Description

Multi-purpose, formulated SpaGuard® product is four functions in one: oxidizer, water clarifier, flocculent and buffer. It requires no premixing and is perfectly formulated for spas to enhance water comfort. Each ingredient performs a specific job, but also works in combination for better overall results
• Dual oxidizers compliment each other and increase positive effect of oxidation. Spa water looks clearer and brighter. Also, produces a lower chlorine residual level than conventional chlorine shocks so bathers can return to the spa quickly, usually in about 15 minutes.
• pH buffer helps keep pH in proper range. Water will stay balanced.
• Flocculent and clarifier help filter out small particles that usually pass through normal filters. Your filter will be more efficient and water will be clearer.
• Enhanced Shock is effective and easy to apply. It’s compatible with ozone and ionizers.

Sale: $29.99

Price: $39.99

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