Aqua Quip’s 2022 Summer Pool Care Checklist

Swimming pools are the ultimate place for summertime relaxation, however, that relaxation doesn’t necessarily come easy. Your pool requires plenty of attention if you want the water to remain crystal clear and swimmable, so it’s essential to keep a checklist of all the things big and small that you need to take care of while the weather is warm and your pool is open. To help you do that, we’ve compiled a quick and easy pool care checklist. Keep up with everything on it, and you should be kicking back and relaxing in that clear blue water all summer long.

Daily Care

These are the things that you should be doing every day to maintain a beautiful pool.

Check Your Filter and Pump

If you’re having issues with your filter and pump, your pool will quickly become dirty, and eventually, it will not be suitable for swimming. On top of regular pool cleaning, it’s best to keep an eye on the pressure that your pump is putting out to prevent any serious issues with your system. Your pressure gauge reading is going to vary based on a few factors: The size of your pool and the condition of the water. The reading should range anywhere between 10-25 PSI.

If you find that your pressure is too low, you’re likely experiencing some issues with your pump. You may simply need to add some water to your pool or clear out your baskets, but it can also mean a blockage in the water flowing to the pool pump. That issue may require the help of a trusted pool maintenance company.

Too much diatomaceous earth (DE) particulate or sand can cause an increase in pressure. If your pressure is too high, you may have an air leak, a clogged breather tube, or a dirty filter. In the case of a dirty filter, we can fix this issue by simply backwashing it a few times. Checking the media that your filter uses can also help diagnose the problem.

Check Water Levels

It’s essential to maintain the optimal water level in your pool so that your filtration system can work as efficiently and as effectively as possible. Too much or too little water will even cause the skimmer to stop working altogether, so keep close tabs on your levels every day.

If you find that rain has overfilled your pool, you can lower the water levels through the backwash hose on your pump. If the levels are too low, just throw the hose in there and let it run. Remember, though, both rainwater and hose water will change the chemical composition of your pool water, so you’re going to need to adjust accordingly.

Check Baskets

Overfilled pump baskets will reduce suction and make it much harder for your filtration system to do its job. Clearing your baskets doesn’t necessarily need to be a part of your daily pool cleaning regimen, but you should always keep an eye on them to make sure they’re not jammed up and that they’re allowing the filter to work correctly.

Weekly Care

You should complete the following pool maintenance tasks once every week to keep your pool water clean and clear.

Check Chemical Levels and Alkalinity

This part often seems a little intimidating to new pool owners, but trust us. You don’t need to be a master chemist to keep your swimming pool’s pH and chlorine levels, as well as the total alkalinity, consistent. What’s most important is that you keep up with it. That means checking them once, maybe twice, a week and adding the appropriate chemicals when necessary.

Remember that the optimal pH level is 7.5, but anywhere between 7.4 and 7.8 should do. Do your best to test chlorine between 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. Your readings for both free and total chlorine should be the same number. Aim for somewhere between 80 to 150 ppm for optimal alkalinity.

Want to make things every easier? Each of our neighborhood locations offers water testing for chemical balancing in less than five minutes! It’s FREE and EASY! Our expert team members can use the results of your water test to recommend the right products to keep your water balanced and clean.

Clean the Pool Deck Area

Depending on your swimming pool location and your sanitation preferences, you may want to clean your pool deck more than once a week. These chores keep the area looking lovely, of course, but they also prevent leaf litter and other debris from finding their way into the pool and then into the filtration system.

Need a Hand Keeping Your Pool Beautiful?

If your pump is acting up, or your water just won’t stay clear and blue no matter what you do, contact Aqua Quip today and schedule an appointment with our team of pool maintenance and cleaning professionals!