Create The Best Pool Party Yet!

When it comes to hosting an extraordinary pool party, simply having a heated pool won’t cut it. Your guests are looking for more, including food and entertainment. Ensure your pool party is the highlight of the summer by following these tips.

Send Invitations Early:

Summer is a prime time for planning family vacations, so it’s crucial to have your party on everyone’s radar well in advance. While you don’t need to send out invitations three months in advance as you would for a wedding, providing 4-6 weeks notice during this busy travel season is reasonable.

Sending invitations early gives you enough time to collect RSVPs, delegate food assignments (in the case of a potluck), and prepare for the number of guests attending. Utilizing Evite is an excellent option as it provides tracking tools and even offers potluck options.

Maintain Your Backyard Oasis:

Your swimming pool takes center stage at the pool party, so it’s essential to properly clean and maintain it for summertime use. Even if you already have regular cleaning services, contact Aqua Quip to schedule a special visit the day before or on the day of the party. Make sure to discuss any necessary maintenance well in advance.

Don’t overlook the rest of your yard. To make your pool shine like a glistening jewel, ensure that your lawn is meticulously mowed, weeded, and pruned. Sweep the pool decking and hose it down for both aesthetics and safety. If needed, consider renting a power washer from a local hardware store to thoroughly clean the area. Renting chairs from a local party supplier, if required, will ensure there’s enough seating for everyone.

Stock Up on Pool Toys:

A pool party wouldn’t be truly complete without an extensive selection of floats and toys, guaranteeing everyone an unforgettable time in the water. The options are endless, ranging from simple pool noodles and beach balls to water wings or swim vests for children, inflatable loungers and inner tubes, diving games, and water squirters, among many others.

Remember to obtain an electric air pump, preferably one that can both inflate and deflate, to save time. It’s also a good idea to have an ample supply of beach towels. If you’re hosting a large group, make sure to inform everyone that they need to bring their own towels. Provide essentials like sunblock and insect repellent to keep everyone comfortable.

Grill up:

Grilling is perfect for summer parties. To make things easier when your guests arrive, get everything ready beforehand so that you only need to focus on tending to the grill.

If handling food for a big gathering isn’t your preference, think about hosting a potluck instead. Create a virtual sign-up sheet on social media to ensure you have all the necessary items for a fantastic pool party feast. Another option is to spoil everyone, including yourself, by hiring catering services or a food truck. This approach allows you to entrust food preparation, serving, and cleanup to skilled professionals.

Hire Entertainment:

If you’re a social butterfly, you might have no trouble coming up with an abundance of games and entertainment to keep your guests happy. Alternatively, you might already have an amazing summer playlist ready.

However, if you want to throw the party of the season, there’s no reason not to indulge in entertainment. Consider hiring a live band or DJ for the day, bringing in face-painting professionals for the kids, or even securing the services of a fire-dancing troupe for an evening soiree.

Make Your Pool Party Safe and Fun:

Ensuring the safety of your guests is of utmost importance when hosting a pool party. As the homeowner, you bear responsibility for accidents and injuries, so take every necessary precaution. Start by ensuring that your guests are aware of the rules (e.g., no running near the pool).

Consider hiring a local lifeguard to keep a watchful eye on the pool throughout the party. While it may seem excessive, it allows parents to enjoy the festivities without constantly monitoring their children in the pool area.

With proper preparations, delectable food, engaging entertainment, and safety precautions in place, you’ll have no trouble throwing a fantastic pool party that your guests will remember for years to come. Visit Aqua Quip today to find everything you need for pool maintenance and a summer filled with fun!