Electric Fireplaces

The warm, soft crackling of a fireplace is the perfect way to induce a sense of peace and calm in your home. It’s equally as good at bringing friends and family together to share and connect. 

Luckily, fireplaces have evolved and have more options than the messy wood fireplaces we all grew up with. Gas and electric fireplaces have become very popular in the last few years. Electric fireplaces are the most sought out living room appliance for homeowners. With an electric fireplace, there’s no messy installation, no need to build additional vents, and no extra work down the line. You get to enjoy all of the perks of owning a fireplace with none of the drawbacks! Here are a few other reasons to add an electric fireplace to your home.

Realism Without Reality

Living room with electric fireplace and big flatscreen TV

Fireplace purists would argue that there’s no substitute for the real thing. But with leaps and bounds in technology, electric fireplaces are considerably more convincing than you might think. LED systems and a more realistic depth to the display give you modern flame effects that are hard to distinguish from the real deal. 

Not only that, but electric fireplaces are customizable to create the ambience you desire in your home with dimmers and lighting changes. These fireplaces plug easily into a regular outlet — all you need to do is turn them on and enjoy! Electric fireplaces are growing in popularity as well, meaning many options take this realism to the next level if that’s what you’re after.

Feel the Heat

Another point that naysayers might bring up is how nice it is to have the heat from a fireplace. But they probably don’t realize that new electric fireplaces also have this covered. Many new fireplaces have a heating element that adds to the realism and helps keep any space in your home nice and warm. 

Not only does this add to the realism and nostalgia of owning a fireplace, but it’s also an incredibly energy-efficient way to heat a home. Electric fireplaces also heat rooms faster than older fireplaces since the flue also fills with heat from the fire. So, if you wanted a fireplace for warmth, the ironic truth is that electric fireplaces are a great option!

Lowest of Low Maintenance

Many homeowners dream of owning a fireplace but move buying one to the end of their list due to the false accusations that a lot of work needs to go into it. Places like Aqua Quip take the work out of making the dreams for your home to become reality. The fireplace experts can walk you through the best options for you and your home.

Electric fireplaces are the simplest to maintain which is helping to grow their popularity more than ever. Just use a remote control to turn on and control your fireplace. Since an electric fireplace can be installed anywhere in your home, you have the flexibility of adding one basically anywhere! Bedrooms, basements, living rooms, game rooms and more.

Wall mounted electric fireplace with TV above it in a living room

Installation is just as simple, electric fireplaces, however, are ready to go right out of the box and don’t require any additional effort. Plus the Aqua Quip experts can help you out by suggesting and building what you want to see in your home. 

No Burnout

Most homeowners look for ways to improve their home to either, ease their busy schedules or to increase the value of their investment. Maintaining your home is a big way to keep your home’s value and even increase it. Purchasing an appliance like an electric fireplace is not only a great addition to add value and create an esthetically pleasing room but also cuts down on the maintenance a traditional fireplace would entail. 

Additionally, with an electric fireplace, you won’t have to sit around maintaining your fire—no stoking or feeding kindling in hopes that you can bring a few cinders back to life. Just push the button and start relaxing. 

Build a New Place to Gather With an Electric Fireplace

If you’ve been dreaming of owning a fireplace but feel like you would need a total remodel budget to get one of your own, an electric fireplace is for you. Get all the benefits of a fireplace anywhere in your home, including extra comfort, heat, and ambiance. Contact Aqua Quip to learn more about our electric fireplace models and order your very own today!