Going Green at Aqua Quip — EV Charging Stations

There are numerous benefits to owning an electric vehicle (EV), both for you and for the environment, but making the switch over to electricity involves a few requirements, charging being one of the most significant. Charging up an EV from a regular outlet at home can take days to do fully, and most of us simply don’t have time for that. 

Fortunately, there is an alternative that can reduce your charge time to a matter of hours: a level 2 charging station. Installing one will allow you to take advantage of all of the benefits your EV has to offer, but you’ll likely need some professional help in order to do it. 

Look no further than Aqua Quip for that help. We can get your charger installed in your garage and have your EV ready to go in no time at all.

Level 1 and 2 EV Charging Stations

There are three different levels of EV charging stations, but realistically, as far as home use goes, there are “only” two, as a level 3 charging station can cost up to $100,000 with installation costs of up to $60,000. As such, we’ll only discuss the level 1 and level 2 chargers below.

Level 1 Chargers

When you purchased your EV, odds are you received a level 1 charging station along with it. These chargers are designed to work with a regular 120v outlet, which is convenient for many reasons but inconvenient for just as many others. 

EV car charging from home based station

You’ll typically get somewhere between two and five miles of drive time per hour when charging with a level 1 unit, with a full charge taking up to 20 hours to reach, possibly more if you’re charging a completely empty battery. That amount of wait time can be fine if you’re plugging your charger in once you get home for the day and letting it run overnight, but if you’ve got any less time than that, it’s likely you’ll run into some trouble.

Level 2 Chargers

If you’re looking to reduce your charging time and enjoy a variety of other benefits, investing in a level 2 charger can be a wise decision. While both the product itself and its installation fees do require upfront investments, they can ultimately save you a lot of money and hassle in the long run.

Level 2 Charger Cost

There are many different level 2 chargers you can purchase, and they come in a range of prices. Typically, you’ll be able to acquire one for somewhere between $200 and $1,000, but it’s important that you do a bit of research into the pros and cons of each option. You’ll most likely get more out of a mid-to-high-range charger, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the most expensive option is the best one for you.

Level 2 Installation Cost

Just like with the chargers themselves, installation fees for a level 2 charging station come in a range of prices. While some installers can charge up to $2000 or more, Aqua Quip offers installation services for much less, with certain exceptions depending on the specifics of the installation.

Benefits of a Level 2 Charger

When you invest in a level 2 charger for your home, you get the following:

Faster Charge Times

electric car charging at home

Charging your EV with a level 2 charger generally provides 10 to 60 miles of drive time per hour as opposed to the approximate five you’d get from a level 1 charger. What’s more, a full charge can take just four-to-six hours, depending on your vehicle’s specific charging needs.

Greater Efficiency

All of that time spent charging your EV on a level 1 charger can use up a lot of electricity. In contrast, not only will you be charging your car for a far shorter period of time with a level 2 charger, but you’ll also be doing so more efficiently, as level 2 chargers are about 10% more efficient than level 1 chargers on average.

Money Saved

Immediately following the initial investment required for your level 2 charger, you can start making that money back and then some. The higher efficiency and faster charge times will lower your monthly energy bill, and you may also qualify for a variety of incentives, tax credits, and rebates. These will vary depending on your jurisdiction, but there are federal tax credits available to anyone who buys and installs a level 2 charger.

Install Your Level 2 Charger with Aqua Quip

If you’d like to know more about our level 2 charger installation services, reach out to Aqua Quip or stop by our nearest location today.