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Regency® Fireplaces F5200

Regency® Fireplaces Pro-Series

Product Highlights

Max BTU: 80,000
Height: 39 ¾ in
Width: 29 in
Depth: 31 ³⁄₁₆ in
View Area: 213 in²

Product Description

The Regency Pro-Series F5200 extra-large hybrid wood burning freestanding stove is one of the original Regency stoves that feature Eco-Boost triple burn technology. When the included thermometer enters the “Active” range, use the bypass control to engage the catalyst; and watch your fire burn longer and more consistent, while still being environmentally friendly. This wood stove lets you load an impressive 90 pounds of fuel. Its clean, classic design provides the perfect backdrop to the wide view cast door giving you a large fire view that will take your breath away!

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F5200 Features

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F5200 Specs

Max BTU: 80,000
EPA Tested BTU: 47,081
Higher Heating Value Efficiency: 80%
Lower Heating Value Efficiency: 86%
Emissions: 1
Vent Type: Double Wall Pipe
Exhaust Vent Size: 8 in
Log Size: 22 in
Firebox Capacity: 4.4 ft³
View Area: 213 in²
Height: 39 ¾ in
Width: 29 in
Depth: 31 ³⁄₁₆ in
Product Size: Extra Large
Dimension Notes: Height with Pedestal
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