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Current® Model G Dual Zone Electric Grill

Product Description

The electric revolution starts here with the electric grill that surpasses the performance of gas, the Current® Dual-Zone Electric Grill!

  • Full Grill Flavor – Designed to deliver that same delicious flavor you love from traditional grills, without the hassle of charcoal or propane.
  • 100% Electric – No open flames, no gas. Plug in your grill into any standard 110-volt outlet.
  • Smart Grill Control – Accurate temperature control, in-the-moment monitoring, and chef-guided recipes within a single smartphone app.
  • Dual Temperature Zones – Cook different foods at their ideal temperatures simultaneously and reach a searing temperature up to 700ºF.

Standard Outlet Compatible – This 100% electric grill plugs into a standard 110V outlet, heats up in as little as 10 minutes and has a larger cooking area than any other full-size electric grill in the category

Wide Temp Range — Cook an endless variety of food with a temperature range from 200°F to a searing hot 700°F — 150°F higher than the stated max temperature of the leading gas grill brand.

Dual-Zone Flexibility — Two independently controlled cooking zones give you the option to grill foods at two different temperatures or with one even temperature across the entire surface.
Current App — Download the Current Backyard app to wirelessly monitor and control your grill from anywhere, set cooking and internal doneness temps and access interactive recipes.
SmartClean Mode — With just the push of a button, the SmartClean mode reduces grill debris to ash and automatically shuts down the grill when the dirty work is done.
Digital Control — Set and maintain precise temperatures using the control knob and digital controls. Color-coded indicator lights confirm the status of the grill and real-time alerts notify when the food is done.
Cooking Area — Cook meats and larger items on the 330-square-inch primary cooking surface and use the 92-square-inch warming rack for indirect heat and keeping food warm.
Fuel Efficiency — Six times more energy efficient than a standard gas grill, saving up to $350 in energy costs over the grill’s lifetime.
Premium Grates — High-quality, anodized aluminum grates provide hotter, more even heat and conduct heat faster than cast-iron or stainless-steel grates.

Sale: $899

Price: $999

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